Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wir haben uns shelfen!

Many of you guys are Facebook friends of mine, so this project might not be new to you, but it was a big project, so it needs its own post!  We built a shelf using the reclaimed wood from the shed that we tore down, and the crazy shelving that we tore out of the basement.  The two large supporting beams we got from Second Chance (an amazing home-building second hand store much like Habitat for Humanity Restores).  Peter and I both put up the two large beams and then I cut, sanded/planed all of the shelves, screwed it all together, and then varnished the whole sucker.  It was quite a learning experience for me, as I really haven't regularly used a lot of power-tools in my day (only a few times in high-school under strict supervision by a responsible adult), so has been really exciting to say "look what I made!" and look up proudly at the towering rustic beauty.

And the bookshelf has many functions!  Yes, it does!  It is also is a room divider, and a home to stray shoes and coats.  Check it out!

Here it is as a bookshelf.

Oh wow!  Coats!  And this photo demonstrates the room division.  Living room/"foyer."

I was really pleased with the rustic hooks I found...

And the happy little shoes!

The rest of the room.

From the other side.

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