Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shelves, shelves, and more shelves!

I know, some of you have seen the preliminary photos of the kitchen remodel, and you're eager to see more, but hold your horses!  There is still a few things to do, and then I have to write the massive post.  But don't worry, your waiting won't be for naught.  It will be a good one.

But in the meantime, and because I like to post things in chronological order, let me turn your attention to some work that Peter did during his winter vacation.  I was in Minnesota, having a grand old time while Peter was slaving away, building--ta daaaah--SHELVES!  Finally places to PUT things that we own.  No longer do we have to wallow in our own FILTH!  I think he did a lovely job.

Just to clarify, the two sets of shelves were put in A) the second bedroom (otherwise known as the "Study/Practice Room/Studio/Greenhouse/Yoga room/whatever else we can fit in this room..."), and B) the living room, opposite the other set of shelves we finished a few months ago.  Peter also built his lovely table (like mine, also a reclaimed door from Second Chance), cut to the perfect size to fit into the space.  Notice the nice cut corner to allow access to the bathroom.  Mighty fine, mighty fine...

So hopefully that will whet your appetite for just a few days while I get the kitchen post ready...thanks for reading, guys!

Peter's desk and the amazing shelves he built!

My piano in its new place in the room.  Peter's desk to the left, mine to the right. 

The new shelves in the living room.  And what a photogenic Kitty!
Kitty was far too distracting in the other photo.  Here's a closer and more focused photo of the living room shelves. 

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