Sunday, October 13, 2013

Early Bugsgiving Post

Hellooooo!!!!  And welcome to life after (I hope) bedbugs!  I know the last post was a little dreary-seeming.  Things were not the best at the time of my writing that...even my mom said to me, "Yeah, your last post wasn't as happy as usual..."  But we survived (barely!).  I think I may still have a bit of PTSD from the experience--I can't stop stooping down to identify every bit of dirt that I see on the floor, bed, furniture--on the off chance that is a dreaded bug.  Thankfully, that's all I've been seeing for weeks now, though...lint, dirt, other bugs, fur, more dirt...I literally have not seen a bedbug for weeks, verging on months!  (KNOCK ON ALL OF THE WOOD!!!  I DON'T WANT TO JINX IT!!!).  Needless to say, I'm feeling more positive, mostly because they're (eep!!) gone, but also because we got to replace all of the bedbug infested things (which we got rid of a long while ago) with new things!  Wee!!!!  A bedbug makeover!!

So, to appease my mother, I will make this post a *positive* one, and we will look at all of the good things that the bedbugs gave us.  Let's call it an "Early Bugsgiving Post," just to make it official.  Bugsgave us a new couch!  Well, actually we built it, but because we wanted to make it fit our house perfectly!  In the (hopefully) unlikely case that we ever have to deal with the soulless pests again, the cushions feature covers that are light in color (for easy sightings), removable (for easy killings), and are comfy as well!  The pillows can easily be thrown into the dryer (for fast bedbug deaths), and so all around I feel pretty comfortable sitting on the thing.  Peter and I were really excited about the fact that we get more seating because we don't have to make room for  the thick armrests of standard couches.  Plus, I think the damn thing is pretty chic.

Zippers, while very ugly, will stay on the front until we are totally claiming ourselves to be completely in the clear.  Otherwise they have a seamless side that will go on the front...

Bugsgave us a new and improved studio/study!!!  Though I was excited about finishing the studio the first time, I don't know why--the design was totally amateur.  (Note slight sarcasm).  I just don't know what I was thinking before.  Organizing and designing should always be done twice.  It just makes your life so much easier, right?

Ok, in all seriousness, though...we really do like the new layout.  I have more room to practice on my piano (or in front of my piano when practicing voice), and I can now work on BOTH sides of my desk, which had been a problem in the other layout when the table was next to the wall.  With the new layout comes more storage also.  Everything a girl could ever want!  I'm excited to get back to work.

Last but not least, bugsgave us a new bed!!  While we tossed the actual mattress into a bedbug encasement (equipped with a zipper tight enough to keep out the little buggers), we got a new bed-frame that we really adore.  (Yes, I know it's feminine!  Peter does like it too, I swear!).  Whereas the old frame had stationary slats that were pretty inflexible when you laid on it, it was made of wood (bedbugs' favorite!), and it was short and close to the ground (Ahhh!!! Sheets touching the floor!!!! AHHH!!!), this has nice bouncy slats, a metal frame (slippery-slidey for bedbug feet!), and tall (covers a safe distance from the floor).  Top it off with some fresh new white sheets (all the better for seeing you, my disgusting bugs), and it's an amazing sleeping experience.  I actually look forward for bed sometimes (family, you'll know this to be an odd thing...).

Note the giant plastic bag mess in the upper right corner.  That is what it looks like when you have bedbugs.  Clean clothes go in designated bags, dirty go on other designated bags...

So, that's it for now.  Hopefully the coast will be clear for a much longer period of time, and then we can really give ourselves the "all clear" but for the moment, we'll just say, "ADIEU BEDBUGS!!!" (FINGERS CROSSED!!)

Thanks for reading, you guys, and for bearing through the treachery.  I know no one really likes to talk about parasites (except for select family members of mine--ahem...DAVIE, and KATHI), but parasites are real, and sometimes they happen.  And in those cases, they're bound to come up in conversation...


  1. Parasites are the SHIZ! (as long as they're not on me. . .or in my house. . .or. . .) LOL! Glad you're getting back to some semblance of normal! I fear, however, that you will forever live your life with some low key bedbug psychosis playing in the background.

  2. I fear that you may be right, Kathi...I have a fear of having that fear...