Friday, July 25, 2014

Catch up time!

So, my mother just informed me that there may have been a few questions as far as how I've been doing down here. I have been rather behind on these posts, so we'll do a quick catch up to where we are now! Photo style! 

This was taken in early spring.  With birthday money from Ninna (Peter's mom), I bought myself an electric kettle--which was a life-changing purchase!  I was so inspired, that I then created this coffee/tea area.  Underneath (and hidden) is Kitty's litter box.

It comes equipped with grinder, elecric kettle, all of the teas (stored in the little drawers and in the boxes), hot cocoa, coffee, french press, and tea pot! 

The yard--full of seedlings!  But there's the blackberry "bush" in the background!

Satcha enjoying the space.

Our front planter--an explosion of perennials that I planted last year.  I basically dumped a whole seed packet (that's what it said to do on the package!!!)--and it worked!

The only big planter on our street.

From the front.

So pretty!

Things were just so happy to be alive!  It was a "long" winter...for here (nothing compares to long Minnesota winters!  I know, I know!!)--but we did have quite a few things die off that shouldn't have.

A closer look at the GIANT BLACKBERRY BUSH/VINE/THING THAT IS TAKING OVER THE YARD!! (In a good way--yum!)

Harvest time!  Notice that the giant blackberry bush produced giant blackberries!

Here they are!  We could fill an entire nice-sized bowl every day at its peak. 

It even started creeping into the alley, which I thought was pretty cool. 

Here are the beans!  The iron grate was saved from the original rat-infested shed that was in our backyard.  There's nothing better than repurposing! 

An example of how big these blackberries were.  This one wasn't even the biggest one!

Aaaaaand...that just about brings us up to date!  There is a door project that I still have yet to post, but that will come someday.  Plus a whole bunch that is happening with our other property.  I guess I should probably post a few photos of that sometime soon as well...but I can't give everything away at once, so you'll have to wait!  Oh, the anticipation!

Anyway, thanks for reading, folks!  Until next time...


  1. Thank you Katie!! I totally enjoyed that. :) I am in awe of your blackberries!! Then there is your coffee, tea area!!!