Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here's what we have to work with:

Here it is!  The house is an 816 square foot row home. As the sale was "as is," we've had a few things we've needed to work on before we actually move in at the end of the month. Including: getting our sewer line repaired (it was broken a foot away from the foundation...yuk), tearing down a shed in the backyard that was basically a resort for rats (also, yuk), and getting the roof repaired (there was a hole in the flashing near the chimney that could fit a fist through it...wet!). So with these things done, it at least is dry, less smelly, and approaching "livable." It's got great bones, though, and we're excited to make it our own!

Here it is!

The view of the backyard post tear-down of the shed--let's just call it the "rat house." 

We're having to support the cantilevered second-floor extension because we suspect it was resting on the rat house. 

We're proud of our use of the "screw-jack." 

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the backyard before we tore down the shed.  Believe me, though, it was definitely an eye-sore.  Of course, now it's even worse with all of the wood waste strewn around the yard, the concrete torn up from the plumber, and the exposed rat poop.  Oh yeah, we're living the dream.  They always say it gets messiest before it gets neat, right?  Things are coming along then, I'd say!

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