Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ohhhhh, so you wanted to see the scary basement after all, eh?

Well, sorry to say it, but it's really not too scary anymore.  Especially now that we have a brand new DOOR to the basement!  Yup, we bought and installed a door all by ourselves!  Woo!   I have to admit, it was a little intimidating to start out--I stood there holding the hammer up against the nicely manicured drywall for a long while before I finally talked myself into taking action. "It won't fit until you tear this drywall out, just hit it," I said. "Ohhh but the dry wall is so nice--how can I mess that up?!" "Do it!!!!"

Needless to say, I finally got over my fear of messing up the drywall, and now we have a door.

The photos of the basement are for Davie, who challenged me to show the basement photos a while ago. Unfortunately, the photos of the basement are post-work. Before, there were scary moldy shelves and piles of wood, and a wet rotting spot in the corner. But now, it's not too shabby, though I wouldn't take a nap down there anytime soon...

The view of our brand new door from the side. 

Golly gee!  What an attractive door.  Peter installed the knob, and did an excellent job (meaning--it opens and closes!).

Whoa, sure you want to go down there? 

Oh.  That's all there is? 

Where are the puddles, mold patches, and the RATS?

Sorry, no mold here.  This basement has been scrubbed down, and dried out! 

Stairs are a little dirty at the moment.  Full of drywall from the door project! 

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  1. Holy crap! Livin in and seeing some other Chicago apts...this looks amazeballs compared to what you said it was before! Any washer/dryer action? Possibility of it being able to be installed down there now that it's not horribly disgusting?