Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The inside scoop...

Here's what is on the inside: We've got two bedrooms, one bathroom (that has two toilets--I know, hilarious, right? Intimate. Real intimate.), a living room, kitchen, and unfinished basement. We used to have a rat mansion, but that's gone now (refer to previous post). As you can see by these photos, there is no door to the basement (which is going through dehumidifier rehab after a long, hard life of mold infestation and leaks from the sewer line break [again, refer to the previous post]), and so this is quite the problem. Whatever shall we do? Stay tuned for the next post. I have a feeling it might address the problem. In the meantime, check out our house.  I have to apologize, though.  These photos are the same as what I posted on facebook, so if you're expecting new photos, I'm sorry to disappoint you...But hey, they're new captions!

Here's the living room.  The drapes came with the house.  Stylish, huh?

Notice the plastic that leads to the makes it look like we're up to something mischievous down there...

Our lovely exposed brick wall that leads into the kitchen.

Kitchen.  Yes, the sink is not below the window like one might assume it would be.

Instead, the sink is over here.  The plumbing in all of these row homes is in the center of the home instead of the side.

Stairs leading up to the two bedrooms.

Bedroom #1, though I think this will end up being our office room/guest bedroom.

Bedroom #2, notice how there aren't any closets?  Whatever will we do?  I think that will be another post as well.  =)

The photos you have been looking forward to.  Toilet #1... 

Two sinks,

The other toilet!

From the other side--you can walk all the way through to the other bedroom. 
That's it for now!  Stay tuned, we have projects lined up all they way until the end of August.  I'll try to post often.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Okay, I'm starting from the beginning and posting ideas and or comments as if I never read anything else...So apologies if you've already worked on it and I haven't gotten there yet in my reread! Ha!

    But with the both of the rooms have their own door? Could you build a wall in the center to separate them? I'd assume one would not have the shower, making it a half bath, that's fine though! Lol.

    Side do I know if you commented back? Is there a way I can be notified? Because I have no idea. ;)

  2. Obv tell me that answer in FB if you can. Otherwise I'll never be notified! Ha!